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12 Used

Used commercial locks...

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22 Gauge

New sink in the box Satin Finish 8 inch depth 33 x 22 x 8 ...

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Bamboo Sink -

Brand new bamboo sink - doesn't include tap or drain 37 inches wide x 22 ...

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Defiant Lock

Defiant home locking system in the box...

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Dolce Vita

25.5 Inch Kitchen Countertop New 10 foot countertop...

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Double Kitchen

Double Kitchen Sink 6 inch bowl depth 32 inches wide 22 inches deep...

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Formica 180

Formica 180 FX River Gold Bartop 8 foot bar top 18 inches wide Ora Edge ...

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Marble Vanity

New marble sinks 25 inches x 19 inches...

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Master Brand

Various brand new remnant cabinets Various doors and boxes...

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Oak Mantle

Oak Mantle ...

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Price Pfister

The shower wall is worth almost 1000.00 brand new...

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